Put Squealing Brakes in Their Place

Brake repair services in Brewer, Maine

Are you having trouble slowing your vehicle down? Do your brakes make terrible screeching sounds? Bring your car to Baker's Service Center for immediate service. Our team will inspect your brakes and determine if they need repairs. If we can restore them with a simple repair or replacement solution, we’ll get you back on the road in a flash! You’ll feel much more at ease putting the pedal to the metal when our technicians have serviced your brakes.

While you’re here for your brake repair appointment, be sure to ask our preventive maintenance plans. We can help you prevent future brake issues and keep your family safe. Stop by Baker's Service Center to inquire further.

4 signs you need brake services

You’re driving down the roads of Brewer, ME, and you notice your car is having some difficulty braking. Baker's Service Center can help. We can restore your vehicle’s brakes if you notice any of these common signs:

1) Your dashboard’s brake warning light is on
2) You hear grinding or squealing when you hit the brakes
3) The brake pedal is slow to respond
4) Your vehicle pulls to the side when you start to brake

Our team will assess your vehicle’s brakes and recommend a cost-effective repair solution. Reach out to Broadway Citgo to schedule your next service appointment.