It's Time to Visit Us for a Car Tune-Up

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At Baker's Service Center, we believe in providing the best auto services so your vehicle runs smoothly. Periodically, cars will need a tune-up. During your tune-up, we'll look out for problems and perform auto repair services before the issue gets worse.

Come on in for a car tune-up or any of the auto services we offer in Brewer, ME.

How can I tell if I need a tune-up?

Most likely, your car will tell you if it needs maintenance. Usually, something will look or sound wrong and give you a warning. These are a few signs your car needs a tune-up:

  • The warning lights are on.
  • Your car stalls frequently.
  • The car won't start easily.
  • You're experiencing bad gas mileage.
  • You hear strange noises.
  • The car shifts roughly.
  • The car is sluggish.
  • You notice vibration.

Any of these issues are cause for scheduling an appointment with Baker's Service Center. Ask about our auto repair services in Brewer, ME.